Your Competition Isn’t Other People

Your Competition Isn’t Other People

Your competition is:

  • Your procrastination.

  • The unhealthy food you eat, the knowledge you neglect.

  • The sleep you don’t get, the water you don’t drink

  • The negative behavior you are nurturing and your lack of creativity.

Compete against that

Your competition is against yourself.

  You can be:

      • your biggest enemy,
      • your biggest saboteur,
      • your most ardent distraction

Your self does not want you wandering too far from you comfort zone without making you feel uncomfortable.

Your self keeps you in place with negative and limited self-talk about your dreams hopes and desires.

Your self allows others in your life to treat you the same somehow, in some convoluted way, justifying your negative self-talk and perception as real.

There are two sides to self – Active and Inactive

Active gets things done.

Active is:

  • going places
  • pushing boundaries
  • reaching new heights
  • making discoveries and
  • Making dreams come true
  • Language of opportunity, not language of lack

The Inactive self remains in the comfort zone, observing life as it passes by on a screen.

Inactive self justifies:

  • bad food, poor diet, not enough water
  • reasons not to be active
  • lack of sleep
  • Neglect caring for  your body, spirit and mind
  • staying the same
  • Not taking any risk
  • negative self-talk powerful enough to cause inaction long term

After all, 5 years is going to pass. That is a universal law. Where are you going to be in 5 years? Still binge watching Outlander?

Or  will you be having an impact on your community and feeling good about yourself mentally, physically and spiritually?

Over the next months, I will be exploring the concept of self-care.

      • Discover the myths and legends, the setbacks and stigmas associated with taking care of self, first.
      • Establish daily habits that will build a foundation of basic self-care.
      • Learn how to recharge whether you are an introvert or extrovert
      • Discover nurturing methods for yourself and others

Bring out your best possible self, and feel good about it so you can do good things with your life.

Be able to look back and see where your life mattered on a daily basis.

You can build a legacy on that ya’ know.

Let me know in the comments:

How you take care of yourself first.

Where does your life matter?