Tootsie Tamers and Foot Soaks – Treats for tired feet

Let’s talk about your feet

Umm – a warm foot soak. It’s been a long time since I have visited a salon to get a mani-pedi. ( I love a good foot soak!) Since the pandemic, I have avoided all places like this but that does not mean I let my foot care or feet go.

No Siree! 

Treat yourself to a foot scrub after a long day. It not only feels good, but it helps you sleep better too.

During the winter, we tend to tuck or feet into socks and shoes; not thinking about our feet as much as we do in summer when tootsies are on full display.

We all like to have pretty feet

Polish is optional. In the summer I like the French Tip for feet – since I cook and teach culinary, I can’t wear fingernail polish. I find the French Tips seem to last a long time – more than polish for me, esp. on my toes.

foot soak

Last month in yoga class (we meet outside in the park when weather permits) I noticed my feet could use a little extra TLC.

So I created a few items to share with you – hoping you jump in and pamper your tootsies too

Here’s what I have for you:

Rose Petal Pink Foot Soak – rich in minerals to ease aches and pains, soften skin and make callouses easier to reduce. Each 8 ounce bag provides enough for up to 10 lingering foot soaks.

Imagine -Ten trips to paradise!

Pumice Stone – to reduce tough callouses and tame wild heels that seem to pop up from time to time. A couple of swipes with the stone reduces dead skin build up and promotes circulation. Pay attention to heels, any “spin callouses” or other areas on your feet.  

                This is a good time to give your feet an inspection. Look under and between the toes; notice the nails. Clip, file if necessary – remember to cut toenails straight across to prevent ingrown nails. Make note of anything that looks odd, especially in places you can’t see regularly.

Inspecting feet is vitally important if you are diabetic

I also like to pinch my toes also just to make sure I have feeling all the way to the tips. (I know a few people who have lost toes due to diabetes and the thought petrifies me. I’ll be checking mine! While I am not diabetic, the thought of losing circulation in my feet and or losing any part of them is frightening!)

Nice to know these “Tootsie Treatments” help promote healthy circulation in the feet and toes.

Foot-Print Scrubby Pumice Bar – this foot shaped soap is to polish the tootsies all over. Be gentle on tender skin. (I love the foot-print shape of this soap!) Pumice infused shea butter soap will help finish the clean up on your feet after the soak and pumice stone exfoliation.

Use the bar as two sided – one side has a lot of pumice and the other side, not as much.

Use the grey side to exfoliate and smooth then the pink side to wash.

(BTW, I’m taking orders for Carolina Tar Heels bars – know any Carolina fans?)

Arnica CreamAfter your soak and exfoliation, dry your feet off and slather them with Arnica Cream. Any remaining aches and pains will drift away. Pay extra attention to your heels and other problem areas slip on a pair of cozy socks and tuck into bed.

If not Arnica Cream, any Body Butter will do, your feet will drink it all in.

Arnica Crème can be used all over the body – not on broken skin- to ease pain and stiffness.

Get your Tootsie Tamer Kit here so you can have beautiful feet and sleep better too.

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