The Dry Skin Sufferers Ultimate Guide to Relief

Suffering from dry skin is no laughing matter.

Dry skin is uncomfortable, itchy and miserable.

Sufferers slather their skin with lotions and oils hoping to find relief but instead, soon find their skin dry again. Some products leave skin feeling greasy or as if it has a plastic coating – neither feels great.

Finding relief for dry skin falls into two categories:

Skin Types and Skin Conditions

Basically, things you have to live with and things you can do something about.

For example, you are born with skin types and cannot change these things. Skin types include features like oily dry skin, combination, skin color and tendencies. We learn to live with our skin types as we grow.

Our skin types are made up of things we don’t get to choose.

Skin conditions include hydrated, sensitive, dry, rashes, reactions and more. Skin conditions change for the better with treatments and help.

Conditions like shingles and eczema require medical treatment for basic relief and then treat the skin for the damage done.

Topical steroids, as a result, can thin skin. Take care not to use them long term.

After you see medical results, treat the skin with natural skin care to nourish and encourage healthy skin.

The difference between moisturizing and hydrating ingredients is how they work and function on the skin.


Ingredients that hydrate attract water to the skin and into cells making them plump and healthy.

These ingredients lessen fine lines, make your skin feel better, more elastic and less itchy.

Examples are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, honey, which are used in our products.

Hydrating ingredients to watch out for are propylene glycol or urea – these ingredients are never used in Healthy & Hydrated products.


Urea is urine sourced; propylene glycol is a skin and lung irritant that creates more problems in the long term.


Moisturizing works to prevent water from leaving your skin. Known as TEWL – trans-epidermal water loss, moisturizers provide a barrier to prevent evaporation of moisture from the surface of your skin.

Examples of moisturizing ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, jojoba oil  and ceramides to name a few.

These ingredients form a barrier on the surface of your skin to hold in moisture. Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (fats) in the skin that smooth skin surface and lock in moisture. Find ceramides in higher end products. They act like silicone to smooth the surface of the skin.

It is possible to have multiple skin conditions. Faces typically have dry and oily zones.

Our feet get much dryer than the rest of or bodies and really need special care to stay healthy and hydrated. Huge cracks and callouses happen when you don’t exfoliate and hydrate regularly.

Who Wants Ugly Feet?
Is your Skin Dehydrated or Dry?

First, dehydrated skin happens when the body lacks enough water to support skin cells. Skin is lackluster, dry, flaky, peeling, subject to rough patches and feels tight.

Dehydrated skin is caused by external factors like diet and not drinking enough daily water, indoor heat and weather

 Dry skin is a skin type rather than a condition to be influenced. Most of all, understand you have limited control over dry skin.

 We can fix dehydrated skin by drinking water and applying cremes and lotions to protect skin from external elements. Dehydrated skin is simply dried out from lack of nutrients and water.

Learn to manage skin types.
Diets and beverages do not change your skin type, but do change your skin condition

Dry skin produces very little oil to keep skin moist. Dry skin is itchy, cracks and breaks open, often bleeds and is very uncomfortable, leaving the sufferer feeling miserable.

Dehydrated skin  is a condition with similar symptoms to dry skin.

Conditions are totally under your control. You make decisions daily whether to drink or eat to your benefit or not. You decide to apply lotions and cremes to nourish your skin, it is in your control.

It is possible to have dry skin and not be dehydrated. I have this – dry skin yet I drink plenty of water – most days. This just means I have to put on lotions and oils and be aware of harsh soap when I take care of my skin. If I want I to feel good, that is.

Dehydration is determined by your water consumption – do you drink enough water every day?

The ideal formula for daily water for an average person is half your body weight in ounces – minus 20% if you eat healthy

In conclusion, take a deeper look at your skin.

Is your dryness a condition or just your skin type?

If it is a condition, you can do something about it! Drink water, hydrate your skin from within; use the right kind of products to hydrate your skin on the outside.

Lotions should “sink in” when applied to provide nourishment and replenish moisture loss from turning on winter heat.

If your skin is left greasy or even dry after an hour of application, it isn’t the right one.

Use natural skin care whenever possible to prevent thin, delicate skin. Pay attention to your diet to make sure you are eating to support skin health.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body
Take care of it so you can rest easy

You can find lots of products in our shop that address dry skin.

Discover exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and body butters to nourish and hydrate skin from your face to your toes.

Here are steps to take to take control of dry, itchy skin:

  • Use natural soaps and shampoos
  • Avoid skin drying chemicals and colorants
  • Watch the heat in the shower! While a hot shower feels good, it can dry out your skin.
  • For feet, slather thick body butter and sleep with socks on so the creme can soak in. (Yeah socks aren’t sexy, but neither are cracked, dry feet – ew.)
  • Drink enough water all year round
  • Use gentle exfoliates to remove dead skin cells

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