Self Care – A Weekly Ritual to Increase Your Self Esteem

Weekly Self Care; What is Your Ritual?

Self care is extremely important in this busy day and age to maintain sanity. There are so many directions in which we are pulled every day, it is easy to ignore taking care of ourselves.

You have goals and dreams? Make it a priority to pamper yourself every once in a while to remind yourself that you are worth it and to recharge your energy.

To increase your self care, create a particular day, evening or morning each week. I use Sunday morning for my rituals.

Begin simply – a bath and a deep cleaning/moisturizing mask.

I warn my family to leave me alone, Do Not Disturb! Light candles, have a cup of tea or refreshing beverage in a glass with a straw, pondering music and a couple of quiet hours to myself.

It’s a good time to do the weekly mask and deep relaxation tub soak so get you mind set for the upcoming week.

Here is a Mask to Try:

I love how my skin glows after using a mask. It is a self care process that can be addicting!

What self care rejuvenates you and gets you ready for the upcoming week?

Comment below, share your favorite “touch stones” that keep you on track





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