• Sweet & Salty Satin Sugar Scrub
  • Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub
  • Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub

Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub

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The best of both in the salt and sugar scrub world.

Rich shea butter moisturizes while organic sugar and organic sea salt gently exfoliate dead skin and other impurities.


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Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub

Just what you've been for!

Make your summer skin shine!

Our Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub uses sea salt and organic sugar mixed with shea butter, grape seed and jojoba oils and finally, gently scented with rosemary and macha, or lavender or coconut lime.

A weekly commitment to exfoliating your skin reaps great benefits.

Alone sugar or salt scrubs provide benefits, therefore, when combined it is the best of both worlds.

Sugar has finer granules than salt. Sugar exfoliates, melts and leaves skin satin smooth. Sugar draws moisture to your skin.

Sea Salt, finely ground so it does not tear the skin, fights inflammation, promotes circulation and provides minerals for your skins health. Because salt can be harsh to delicate skin, avoid using salt scrubs on your face.

How to Exfoliate

The shower is the most common place to exfoliate rather than in a bath. Do this once a week and your skin will be healthy, glow and absorb more of the nutrients and lotions you put on. This is due to the removal of the buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.

(Therefore, it is wise to be aware of the ingredients of your lotions and creams.)

First of all, wet skin, apply a small amount of Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub to your fingers.

Start with your shoulders and rub in small circles working from the top of your body to the bottoms of your feet. Spend about 10-15 seconds on each area. Most of all, stop if your skin feels sensitive.

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Avoid using salt scrubs on your face and décolletage. Sugar is gentler on your delicate visage.

Be careful on your feet because any scrub can make tubs, showers and floors quite slippery.

Finally, rinse, pat dry with a thirsty towel and follow with moisturizer to lock in all the goodness.

Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub


  • Skin absorbs nutrients better (think about your serums and treatment products)
  • Improved circulation
  • Less inflammation
  • Skin looks healthy, because it is
  • No more dry, flaky skin on feet or elbows
  • Most of all, You will feel Great!

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Coconut Lime, Lavender, Rosemary & Macha Tea

1 review for Sweet & Salty Satin Skin Scrub

  1. Melissa S.

    I’ve just started using this scrub and it’s amazing! It leaves my skin super soft and it smells fantastic. I highly recommend it on your feet (perfect for sandal weather!).

    • Pamela Roberts

      Thanks Melissa! Try using the Foot Soakers for an amazing foot soak – Bath Bombs for your tootsies!

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