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Pump Lotion – Aloe and Almond


Infused with the healing properties of aloe vera gel, silk amino acids and almond oil, this lotion is sure to become your favorite. Soothes rough, dry hands quickly and never feels greasy.


Aloe & Almond Lotion Pump Lotion

For Hands and Body

This light pump lotion goes on quickly and easily, leaving a soft powdery feel to your skin.

Never greasy!

First of all, no one likes sticky lotion. Furthermore, people do not like to feel “smothered” by their lotion. It seems like this would make sense to lotion makers but all too often we find sticky and heavy lotions that leave us feeling rather poorly about our skin.

As a result we blame ourselves rather than the products we use. Well, it’s time to stop that nonsense and try a line of products that nourish your skin, and most of all, make you feel great about yourself, and about how you look and how you feel.

Use Aloe & Almond Pump Lotion for light moisturizing in warm weather. Because it is the perfect soothing hand lotion leaving dry hands soft and supple, you’ll never have rough, dry hands again.
Leave a bottle next to your sink to remind you to use it whenever you wash your hands.
Will you be a guest at someones home? A Pump Lotion Gift Box will make every host/hostess be sure to invite you back.





Pump Lotion
I LOVE these products! I can't wait for new collections. My skin has never been better. The Aloe & Almond Body Lotion is my go-to favorite - lightweight - perfect for humid climates like Florida.
S. Kellly
Lotion User

What Makes This Lotion so Great?


  • Silk amino acids

  • Aloe Vera

  • Light weight lotion

  • Easy to use pump

  • Sleek & Slender bottle with high shoulders


  • Lightweight lotion – perfect for warm weather

  • Filled with luxury nutrients like silk amino acids and healing herbs

  • Soft supple skin

  • Easy to use pump keeps nails lotion-free – no finger dipping to get moisturizer, just press the pump

  • Natural nourishment for your skin

Why Silk Amino Acids?

Silk amino acids easily absorbed into the skin they:

  • Promote cell repair
  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Reduces trans-dermal water loss and hence helps to maintain the skin’s hydration levels.
  • May boost collagen levels, which leads to firmer, younger looking skin

This delightful pump lotion dispenses easily to nourish your skin.

Use it after hand washing, after your bathe or anytime your skin needs a bit of moisture.

The light aroma is derived from pure therapeutic grade 100%pure essential oils. The basic scent is a blend of Rosemary and Lavender. Each is known for providing amazing skin care. Combine this with the power of aloe vera, almond oil and silk amino acids and you’ve got an amazing lotion sure to become your favorite go-to moisturizer.

When you are washing your hands all day, this lotion is perfect. Lightweight, easy to use, it travels well (in your luggage if by air) and smells great due to the natural essential oils.

Leave a bottle by each bathroom sink and in the kitchen to keep everyone’s hands in great shape.


Aloe vera, distilled water, almond oil, steric acid, cetyl alcohol, Em wax NF, Vitamin E, silk amino acids, optiphen+, Lavender angustifolium, Rosemary Officialis EO – please see label for exact EO’s used – batches can vary

Aloe & Almond Pump Lotion is created in small batches – often to order. Therefore it may take a day longer to get to you. Hence know you are getting a product fresh from the lab, just hours old, most noteworthy, is that it is fresh rather than months old.

Infused with the healing properties of aloe vera gel, silk amino acids and almond oil, this lotion is sure to become your favorite.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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