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Lavender Micellar Water


Lavender Micellar Water gently cleanses your face.
 Micellar Water removes deep down dirt. Leaves your face fresh and clean.
Wash, rinse, micellar water, rinse, tone, serum and moisturize

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 Lavender Micellar Water Facial Cleanser

This super gentle cleanser  draws dirt and grime from deep within your pores, leaving your skin soft and fresh.

Apply Micellar Water Facial Cleanser to a cotton pad then wipe the make-up and dirt away. Repeat until the cotton is clean.

Rinse and finish your skin with toner, serum and moisturizers appropriate for your skin type.

Lavender Micellar Water Facial Cleanser is good for all skin types.

The mild cleansing action deep cleans troubled skin without irritation.

So, what is micellar water?

Micellar Water is water that contains tiny drops of cleansing oil molecules suspended in soft water. These kind of molecules are known as micelles. This is where Micellar Water gets the name. These micelles are lipophilic which means they are attracted to dirt, oil, sebum, and other impurities on the skin.

Using micellar water after cleansing draws out impurities without drying out the outer most layer of the skin, leaving it supple and moisturized.

Micellar water is an all you need product to cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

Use Micellar Water after washing with a mild soap or instead of soap. It’s personal preference.

I recommend rinsing afterward, then follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. No stripping, no oiliness, in short,  just super clean, beautiful skin.

Micellar water removes makeup without leaving behind an oily residue like traditional makeup removers.

Lavender Micellar Water removes tough make up gently without having to scrub and potentially damage tender skin.

Above all, its gentle properties make Lavender Micellar Water perfect for dry sensitive skin types as it doesn’t strip or irritate the skin.

Those with acne prone skin find lavender micellar water is the perfect addition to their skin care routine.

lavender micellar water

Micellar Water was created when the general water available for washing and cleaning in France was extremely high in minerals. This harsh water stripped the skin of the natural lipid barrier as a result leaving skin dry and subject to premature aging.

French women are famous for being quite particular in selecting skin care. So they had their skin care consultants create something to clean their skin. Something to remove make up, dirt and grime yet leave skin fresh and moist. They didn’t want to use harsh, drying water on their skin.

Thus the invention of micellar water. This magic concoction still is a great beauty secret even today.

Now you can enjoy the same beautifying treatments French women have known for ages.

Micellar Water uses hydrosol instead of water for a base. Additionally, a mild surfactant to remove tough dirt and glycerite to attract moisture to the skin make up the bulk of the formula.

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