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Facial Cleansing Grains Skin Polish


Cleansing Grains Skin Polish

Gentle Exfoliator Polishes Skin to Perfection

For Amazing Skin

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Indulge in the beauty of freshly cleansed skin

Brings out your natural glow

Deep cleans and nourishes

Cleansing Grains polish your skin, removing any build up from daily living.

In the shower, wash your face. Mix about 1 Tablespoon of Cleansing Grains with the Aloe & Herb Face Wash to make a paste in the palm of your hand.

Using your fingertips in a circular motion, gently rub this all over your skin.

Avoid your eye area! It is much too delicate for cleansing grains.

Be sure to get under your chin, your neck and décolleté.

Leave on for the rest of your shower, then rinse off thoroughly. Pat dry and marvel at your beautiful skin while you pamper it further with toner, serum and moisturizer. 

Regular use leads to a deep natural glow and new, as fresh skin is allowed to shine.
Ever Wonder?
Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder if your skin can look better?
Regular deep cleaning and exfoliation will polish away the dead cells that build up on the skins surface.
This allows your skin to breathe and defy age. Build up of dirt, make-up and daily living takes a toll on the skin. Deep cleaning is necessary to really get your skin clean. A simple face wash isn’t enough.
Use face wash, exfoliator and masks on a regular basis for the best skin you can imagine.
Natural, gentle exfoliation
Kaolin Clay and fossilized phytoplankton for powerful deep cleaning
Milk proteins for skin nourishment
Organic rice powder is more gentle than sugar


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