• Debonair Men's Gift
  • mens gift box Body Wash
  • Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm for Healthy Lips

Debonair Men’s Gift Bag


Treat the men in your life with a Debonair Men’s Gift Bag in Amber & Linen

  • 8 Ounce Amber & Linen Shampoo, Beard & Body Wash
  • 2 Ounce Beard Oil
  • 2 ounce CBD Creme for stress relief and sore muscles
  • Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm for kissable lips
  • Natural Sponge


The Debonair Men's Gift Bag

Treat the men in your life to great natural skin care with the Debonair Men’s Gift Bag.

The gift bag everything he needs to take care of his skin naturally, and leaves him smelling sensational.

Debonair Men's Gift Bag

Here’s What is Included

From head to toe, the Debonair Shampoo, Beard and Body Wash is all you need to clean yourself in the shower.

Rich lather, mild cleansing won’t leave your skin or hair dried-out but soft and nourished with aloe and other natural skin loving wonders

Beard Oil

Ease those aching muscles with CBD Creme with Arnica.

This stuff really works.

Many people swear by it for relieving back pain, sore, stiff muscles and more.

The stress relief aromatherapy includes bergamot, grapefruit, blood orange, ylang ylang, and patchouli

Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm for Healthy Lips
mens gift box Body Wash

Keep your beard healthy, the skin under the beard needs moisturizing as well. Rub a few drops of Beard oil into the beard starting from the skin working towards the ends.

Stops breakage, encourages strong, healthy growth

stress relieving cbd creme





Our famous lip balm formula with vanilla flavor. You asked for stronger flavors so this fall, the lip balm collection has just that for you.

Starting with Vanilla Brulee, the lip balm trio also includes strawberry and green apple flavors.

Don’t let the kids eat it.

Surprise the men in your life with the
Head-to-Toe Debonair Men’s Gift Bag.
Let us know what you think – we can add to the collection, change things, or customize to fit your needs.
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The Debonair Men's Gift Bag


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