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Welcome to natural skin care that makes caring for your skin an
Everyday Luxury

We shower or bathe everyday. The products we put on our skin effect how our skin reacts. Using harsh chemicals, dyes and artificial fragrance causes skin and lung irritation. We claim to have problem skin yet continue to use mass produced products. Stop doing that!

Healthy & Hydrated Products are full of creamy butters, rich skin loving oils and lots of performance ingredients that deliver results.

Our mission is to conquer dry skin – to make your skin feel luxurious every day

Time to change! The Winter 2021 Luxury Collection features products that care for, nourish and hydrate your skin every time you bathe.

Slathering skin loving nutrients all over your body is sure to elevate your mood once you realize the itching stopped, your skin feels like it “fits” again and the suppleness and elasticity is returning to your skin.

Look! The dry flakiness is gone and your skin is getting a healthy glow

All because you are using natural, artisan made luxury skin care products that are made with love and caring.

The collection features products from shampoo, conditioner, body wash, exfoliates for both face and body, hand soaps, masques for the ultimate glowing skin and much more.

Browse the collection and then browse around the site for more goodies!

If you love lavender, don’t miss a trip through the Lavender Obsession Collection – it’s like a quick trip to Provence.

Don’t forget men love skin care products too. But they like simplicity also. Grab a bottle of our Shampoo, Beard & Body Wash for all-in-one grooming ease.

They will love your even more, just for thinking about them.



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