Natural Masque Collection


The Natural Masque Collection

Welcome to our Masquerade Party! Every Masque, single jar or kit is 25% off until midnight Halloween then like magic, the sale is gone. Poof!

High Powered Masques to refresh tired skin

Discover cooling gel masques, super-food masques, seasonal gel-to-milk masques, high performance masks with Vitamin C and more. The collection changes with the seasons

Lavender Clay Mask

The Masque Collection is perfect tor restoring the skins normal state after overexposure to the sun, water and being outdoors.

Because we spend so much time outside it seems like our skin needs a bit more attention.

Therefore, it makes sense to treat your self to a masque/mask.

Masque or Mask? Tomato or Tomato? Either way – both are wonderful for you so jump on in!

Types of Masques/Masks

Traditional Clay Masks:  Activate these clay masks with an infinite variety of liquids or other ingredients. Clay binds to dirt and impurities. Therefore, making them easy to wash away.

Clay Suspension Masks: 1-10% dry clay suspended in butters and oils to moisturize, deep clean and nourish the skin

Super-Food Suspension: Oil base mask with various super-foods suspended in water based humectant like honey or glycerine

Gel Masks: Cosmeceuticals suspended in gel bases – cools and tightens as a result, you get the feeling of a temporary face lift. Very refreshing.

Gel-to-Milk Masks: Oils suspended in gel yet it liquefies into a washing milk immediately on contact with water.

Sheet Masks: Dry sheet masks you soak in 1 ounce of super hydrating and deeply nourishing bio-ferments, and high performance cosmeceuticals

Masque or Mask? Tomato or Tomato? Either way – both are wonderful for you so jump on in!

The Masquerade Party is held every October – a sale on all masques until midnight Halloween then Poof! It’s gone until next year.

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