Moisturizing Shower & Bath Bars

Moisturizing Shower & Bath Bars capture the moisture form your shower before you dry off.

Simply warm the bar in your hands (or even the hot shower) and rub it over your skin once you finish washing. This traps a layer of water on your skin and helps hydrate dry skin.

Rich butters and other nutrients make your skin feel so soft, often there isn’t a need for crème or lotion after.

Create a super deep treatment by applying body butter or lotions after the Moisturizing Shower & Bath Bar, especially in winter

Shower & Bath Bars can do more than hydrate. They can exfoliate too.

Discover new feet with our Foot Scrubs – From tub scrub to foot shaped bars, your feet will be the prettiest tootsies around.

Keep elbows and knees in tip top shape with an exfoliating bar – bonus moisturizing too!

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