Freshen-Up: The Collection

New for Fall/Winter 2020 complete head-to-toe body care for the shower

The Freshen-Up Collection

 Introducing our new Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner to elevate your daily shower

For the last couple of years we worked at developing shampoo and conditioner. Now, we have a product we are proud to share.

Applying conditioner after shampooing

You asked for body wash after trying our foaming soap. Finally, we have Body Wash ready for you too!

You have got to try the Skin Polishing Mineral Scrub (aka Satin Skin Polish.) It detoxes and exfoliates your skin and surrounds you in exotic spa aromas like Bamboo & White Grapefruit or Aloe Cucumber.

Once a week, set aside time to pamper yourself with a masque and detox scrub.  Most of all, you will freshen up for sure!

Discover the new lip balm flavors. Freshen-up with crisp apple, sweet strawberry or warm vanilla brulee.

Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm for Healthy Lips

It is the same formula as before, rich and nourishing, protecting from harsh elements, now with flavors of fall and winter.

Sold in 3-packs only

We revamped our Men’s Collection. The new items are found in the Freshen-Up Collection and in the new Men’s Debonair Collection which features an all in one Shampoo-Body and Beard Wash.

Simplicity your guy will appreciate.

beard wash model
New Spa aromas, shampoo, body wash, milk that moisturizes; lots to discover.

What are you waiting for?

Welcome to Fall Y’all!
Are you ready or winter? Bring it on

Get ready for the Holiday Gift Collection to be released early November. Watch your in box for details.

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