Body Wash and Soaps

Body Wash and Soaps – Natural is simply the best.

When you or a family member bathe or shower with commercial products, you risk…

  • Exposing highly sensitive mucous membranes
  • Inhaling ingredient fumes and irritating your lungs
  • Accidentally swallowing potentially toxic ingredients
  • Absorption through your skin, your largest organ
  • Contact with your eyes

What You Don’t Know CAN Harm You

Did you know that applying a substance to your skin isn’t much different from eating it? In fact, I believe it may be even worse.

Look at a hot steaming shower…

  • Opens your skin pores
  • Drives a high absorption rate of chemicals directly into your system
  • Vaporizes 70 to 90% of the chemicals present so you inhale them into your lungs

When you consider that body wash and soaps may be used daily, you can imagine the chemical residue that may build up over the years.

What’s in Your Products?

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