Chaos to calm

One at a Time: Instantly Trade Chaos for Calm

I know you understand. For years, we are told to “multitask” do more, expect more.

Where has this gotten us? Into a world of overwhelm, high anxiety and depression.

Feelings of not enough quickly to rise to the top when your mind is always mulling over what is next, what happened and what if.

Your mind rolls around constantly leading you to listen to the voices pushing you to expect yourself to be able to take care of everything – even if it is beyond reasonable.

What if you could trade chaos for calm?

Think only about the task in front of you. Be present with it, focus on what you do

If you are washing dishes, just wash the dishes.

Notice the bubbles, admire your dishes and cookware.

Appreciate the meal created with the pots & pans.

Forget about taxes, about the garbage needing to go out to the street, about the laundry from the dry cleaners, birthdays, holidays, neighbors, friends, the overdue books, did the dog get a walk?


Decide to switch between chaos and calm

Set your mind at ease to just do the dishes.

Talk to the person helping, be present in the activity of doing dishes.

The end result is a feeling of satisfaction and slight accomplishment. Why? Because you were able to focus on an activity from start to end. You acknowledged all the parts so when it is at the end of a project, you also appreciate the end.

Trade Chaos for calm

Why does this work to relieve depression, anxiety and overwhelm?

We aren’t wired to multitask. It drives us nuts in the long run.

When we focus and notice things we start and finish – even small things like dishes and laundry, we gain a sense of being in control, of accomplishment and satisfaction.

There is a computer protocol called “Stateless” where the only thing the computer focuses on is what it is working on until the task is complete. While humans are not computers, we can use this concept to become more present in our lives.

Put the phones down. Take out the ear buds.

Be present and ONLY do one task in front of you right now. Set a timer for 15 minutes – longer if you  like. (I do 50 minute blocks)

How does it feel to just focus on ONE thing?

The greatest discoveries are made when we are allowed to focus and explore without any outside pressure. While washing dishes or doing laundry aren’t ground breaking, earth changing activities, not doing them does cause stress and decline in lifestyle. For example, let the dishes pile up for a day and see what I mean!

In conclusion, by appreciating the simple activities, time passes faster, you gain  more enjoyment in life in general. Most of all, you get a growing sense of accomplishment that spills into the rest of your life.

You really can trade chaos for calm – make it your super power!

Just make sure to moisturize those hands after washing dishes.
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