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Non-toxic, natural skin care pampers your skin like it has never been pampered before.

Our computer uses an algorithm to keep track of best sellers. These products are featured here and in their collections to make them easy to find.

At the end of each season, the most popular products are added to The Everyday Luxury Collection . This collection is always available.

Seasonal collections debut for about 3 months. After three months, the collection is removed. Some of these products may return in another collection or be discontinued forever.

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Seasonal Collections feature favorite things to care for your skin appropriate to the season.

Summer features Hydrating masks,  sun burn care and relaxing “Me Time” products.

Deep winter products warm and calm your spirit. Featuring  deeply hydrating body butters and delicious masks, scrubs and other goodies reminds you warmer weather isn’t far away.

We know that some chemicals can and do enter your bloodstream through topical application.

The task of scrutinizing every ingredient in thecvast array of daily products the average family uses is daunting. Instead of tackling the entire project at once, break it down.

Start with the products that are having the most negative impact. 

Different products mean different levels of exposure and concern. For instance, if you use a lotion all over your body; it soaks into your skin all day. This means there is more exposure to those chemicals than if you were to use the same ingredients in a face cleanser that is washed off after a minute or two.

Shampoo and conditioner “washes” over your body when used. It’s not just getting on your hair. Notice how it runs down your back, face, sometimes over your eyes and even into your mouth.

You can be strategic. Get the best ingredients in products that you have a lot of exposure to like shampoo, lotion, bath soaks, or sunscreen. Then, if you want to, relax your standards a bit for products like hand soap, but good organic hand soap is easy to find these days. (Like, right here!)

You don’t have to be perfect!

When you try to be perfect it can be overwhelming.Then we get paralyzed and don’t do anything. Sometimes we just want to buy something and trust that it is good for us and won’t cause any harm.
Avoid being overwhelmed by choosing when to demand an organic standard and when it’s alright to relax that standard a little bit. This way you don’t have to worry about every ingredient all the time. You can still drastically improve the overall quality of your beauty and skin care products.

Our beauty products are hand crafted in small batches using natural and organic herbs, spices, oils, and butters.

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